Job Application Work History

Job applications always have a space for your work history. This history is considered vital in the decision making process of most companies. If you are applying for a job where you will also be turning in your resume, make sure that your work history matches what is listed on your resume.

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The savvy job applicant also has more than one resume, depending on the job you are applying for. Most prospective employees have a varied work history, and some prior jobs you may have had carry no influence into the position you may be applying for.

In this case, you would have a resume for each job description you are seeking. For instance, if a cook position is being applied for, then your work experience of mucking out a pig barn in the summer of 88 – does it really matter?

If you are not submitting a resume, then bring a detailed list of your past jobs with you so you do not have to guess at phone numbers and dates of employments. This detailed list can be a file folder, which includes letters of recommendation from past employers as well as letters of commendation.

Now, if you have a checkered work history, have been fired from a job, or have quit several jobs, you need to have viable reasons. If you left a job to go back to school, or care for a family member, or even start a family -these can be seen as good reasons.

If you were fired, however, it may be harder to explain. Never speak badly about your former employer whatever the reason for leaving, for this can suggest the same may occur in the new job, which at some point, will be included in your history

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